Our Partners

Oknoplast is an international company which has been specializing in PVC doors and windows for 20 years. The company has been ranking the top of European PVC doors and windows companies thanks to its level of expertise and experience and the huge investments in research and development. The high performance characteristics and aesthetic qualities of its products make Oknoplast symbol of class, elegance and efficiency in PVC sector. Oknoplast retailers regularly take training courses to guarantee certified installations and after- sale assistance.

Ponzio’s philosophy is: quality, innovation and specialization. This company , thanks to its high- experienced and professional staff, informed about the latest technologies and able to guarantee high performance and quality to products, is the top company in the production of complete and diversified aluminum windows and doors.

Henry glass is an Italian company which was set up in 1988. Over the past few years the management of the company has always been able to foresee the oncoming tendencies and the different market trends. In fact it turned the original small artisanal business into an industrial company specialized in glass doors , wooden doors and walk- in- closet which are now sold throughout the world. Henry Glass has developed a wide range of items, produced entirely in the company’s production division.

Aek nasce nel 2009 e da sempre la sicurezza della casa è il suo core business. Aek progetta e produce un’ampia gamma di prodotti innovativi, come inferriate di sicurezza, estensibili, oscuranti e sensori sismici ed antifurto. In tutti i prodotti Aek è possibile notare un delicato equilibrio tra il design e le esigenze di sicurezza del cliente. L’elevato standard qualitativo delle soluzioni tecniche progettate da Aek è tutelato da brevetti. L’ampia e diversificata gamma di inferriate di sicurezza è stata fondamentale per la crescita aziendale di Aek.